Bakery products



Perforated aluminum breadsticks pan cm 30x40

Perforated aluminum breadsticks pan cm. 30x40 on crossbars.

19,39 € VAT included
15,89 € Without VAT


Bread dough marker Modenese, stainless steel

Bread dough marker, single or double wave, for Modenese bread made of stainless steel with handle.

12,51 € VAT included
10,25 € Without VAT


Greek bread dough marker stainless steel

Greek bread dough marker stainless steel cm. 27x03x06 (h.).

10,20 € VAT included
8,36 € Without VAT


Bread dough markers, aluminum

Bread dough markers made of aluminum, resistant and light.

24,95 € VAT included
20,45 € Without VAT


Clean Hands magnetic glove system portable

Clean Hands magnetic device to prevent cross contamination between food and money. This new version of this device allows you to save room on your counter or to wear it.

23,67 € VAT included
19,40 € Without VAT


All perforated aluminum baking pan cm. 53x32,5 GN 1/1

Baking pan in perforated aluminum 15/10, size gastronorm 1/1 (cm. 53x32,5) edge height cm. 2. Suitable for cooking in the oven of alimentary products.

16,64 € VAT included
13,64 € Without VAT

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Metal sticks shovel for bread

Metal sticks shovel to bake and take out from the oven bread. Made of zinc-coated iron. Size cm. 57x56.

68,32 €   75,91 € VAT included
56,00 €   62,22 € Without VAT

Stainless steel pastry tongs


Pastry tongs made of stainless steel by PIAZZA. Various models and sizes available. MADE IN ITALY.

4,42 € VAT included
3,62 € Without VAT

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Dies for manual machine for breadstick

Aluminium dies for bench manual breadstick machine. Two sizes available.

453,14 €   533,12 € VAT included
371,43 €   436,98 € Without VAT


3 fingers lined oven glove

3 fingers lined oven glove for high temperatures, professional. Made of leather. Resistant up to 250 ° C.

15,49 € VAT included
12,70 € Without VAT