Chill blaster 3 trays gn 2/3

Chill blaster 3 trays gn 2/3

Chill blaster 3 trays gn 2/3, single-phase, stainless steel with built-in motor.

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Blast chiller equipped with tropicalized easy accessible cooling unit, the external work environment can be of +32/35 ° C with 65% relative humidity. 
Internal and external structure made of stainless steel. Doors with automatic closing and fixed opening position at 100 °, easily removable magnetic gasket, rounded edges for easy cleaning. 
Isolation of 60 mm. thickness of polyurethane injected at high pressure without the presence of CFCs or HCFCs. Digital control panel, temperature detection by NTC sensors. Supplied without adjustable feet. Standard power cable without plug. 
STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Room probe, core probe, support grids, n ° 01 stainless steel grill. 


OUTPUT:                      550/210 watts 
OUTPUT BLASTING: 7kg. + 90 ° / + 3 ° * 
OUTPUT FREEZING: 5Kg. + 90 ° / -18 ° * 
POWER:                       285 watts 
VOLTAGE:                    230 volts 50/60 Hz. 
NET WEIGHT:             48 Kg. 
GROSS WEIGHT:       53 Kg. 
DIMENSIONS:            65,5x64x49 (h.) Cm. 

* The output are indicative and depend on the nature of the food. 

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