Manitoba flour type "0"

Manitoba flour type "0"


Manitoba Wheat flour type "0" obtained by the mixture of Canadian soft wheat, GMO free. Ideal for baking.

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Soft wheat flour obtained from the milling and sifting of soft wheat, freed from foreign substances and impurities. Comply with the current Italian legislation and in particular to the law 07/04/1967 n. 580, as amended.


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Manitoba flour type "0"


PRODUCTS: Slippers, clogs and Puglia. CEREALS EMPLOYED: Canadian soft wheat mixture, GMO free. PROCESSING: strong flour with high protein content and excellent absorption capacity. Ideal for the preparation of dough with indirect method (chariot added to the mixture at least to a 30% and stored at 18 ° C / 20 ° C for 24-26 hours) and for the mother yeast refreshment. Suitable for cutting weaker flours. finished products with large bubbles large and regular. by category: 5 (strong flour) Ash: 0.65% or less Humidity: 15.5% up gluten: 13.5% Strength of the flour: W 410

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