stone ground flour for bakery

stone ground flour for bakery

ground flour wheat stone type "1" obtained by the mixture of national GMO FREE soft wheats. Ideal for bread and leavened.

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wheat flour obtained from the milling and sifting of soft wheat, freed from foreign substances and impurities. Comply with the current Italian legislation and in particular to the law 07/04/1967 n. 580, as amended.


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stone-ground flour type "1"


PRODUCTS: Bread and leavened CEREALS EMPLOYED national soft wheat mixture, GMO free. PROCESSING: The Stone of the Piave and leavened bread is a very versatile product, ideal for the realization of different types of dough, using both a direct and indirect method. You can get bread from the golden crust and dall'alveolatura regular, crispy pizzas and digestible and produced by well-developed confectionery and soft. Excellent results when used with the yeast. by category: 4 (strong flour) Ash: 0.80% or less Humidity: 15.5% up gluten: 10.5% Strength of the flour: W 320

2,67 € VAT included
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